Two and a half years of work for «The Negotiation Experts» company

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Time passes quickly when you work in the good company, and your job is enjoyable. Two and a half years of my work for «The Negotiation Experts» company have passed. I was one of the key programmers involved in the development of the company's corporate website. The daily contribution of our team has brought significant improvements to the website, which is the main advertising and information carrier of the company

One year of work for «The Negotiation Experts» company

Done work

I have worked for «The Negotiation Experts» company for a year now. It all started with a relatively small order. Calum Coburn, the owner of the company, was looking for a specialist in website optimization by loading speed. He wanted to speed up his company's main website, and he hired me for that. In total, I worked on this for about three weeks, and have achieved good loading speed performance

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In the middle of December 2017 I got work offer from Calum Coburn, the «Negotiation Experts» company. «Negotiation Experts» is international company. They provide courses for managers. These courses order such big companies as British Petroleum, Shell, Mars, Hilton, Unilever, Sisco, Xerox. Full companies list is here. Offices of «Negotiation Experts» company are in Sydney, New York and London. Calum Coburn coordinates their website development. It is very important to them to have good

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Done work SEO - is a website about health and medicine. It contains a lot of useful information for wide range of readers. The office of the website is located in Akron city, Ohio, USA. The website had quite low rank in the Google Pagespeed Insights. The reason was it used the "Extra" wordpress theme, which wasn't optimized according to nowadays SEO requirements. By using my own software I have selected css styles, responsible for pages' top appearance. And have included them into

A lot of work was done on

Done work - is a Russian blog about on-line investment. There are so called HIYP projects in the internet. HIYP means High Yield Investment Program. The author of this blog is an expert in the HIYP investments. He earns on them and help other people to earn on them. A lot of work was done by me on during 2017. The major tasks were

Mobile version for

Done work Mobile versions

I really enjoyed working on this site. This site is about traveling, and I am keen on traveling. The authors collected useful information about trips to almost all countries of the world. Mobile version was needed for this site, and I was hired to make it. Before I stared the site was absolutely not suitable for mobile devices. The content was simply scaled down on small screens. Fonts were not readable. The first thing I have done was replacement of four columns content carcases with

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