A lot of work was done on bestinvestor.ru


bestinvestor.ru - is a Russian blog about on-line investment. There are so called HIYP projects in the internet. HIYP means High Yield Investment Program. The author of this blog is an expert in the HIYP investments. He earns on them and help other people to earn on them.

A lot of work was done by me on bestinvestor.ru during 2017. The major tasks were:

  • the system for the "Refback" and the "Insurance" ordering
  • instant messages between the blog author and the subscribers
  • thoroughly remake of the deposits calculator
  • the graph for deposits calculator
  • mechanisms for interaction with the Perfect Money payments

Most of listed above is available for registered users, something only for administrators.

I have good recollection about working on this website. The tasks were interesting and non primitive.

May 5, 2017
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