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Mobile computers, such as smartphones and tablets, got great popularity during last 10 year. Nowadays most people have touch screen phones, and also use them for the internet surfing. But if your website was created several years ago, it probably won’t work on such devices. The reason is they have small screens.

Therefore website should be specially adapted to work fine on mobile devices. Such adaptation requires circumstantial remake of website graphical carcass. Usually website is reprogrammed to show left navigation panel on the top of the page, then content, and then right panel in the bottom of the page. Website menus often are also changed, and look like menus in smartphone’s apps. For big screen devices nothing should change, and site should look like it was before adaptation.

I am the professional web programmer. I can adapt your site for mobile devices (Do so called Responsive Web Design). When I adapt a site, I take care how it works not only on lates devices with lates versions of Android or iOs. But on most devices manufactured during last 5 years.

October 23, 2015
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Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Ihor. I am a web programmer with fifteen years of experience. I work online, as a freelancer. I do projects in English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Live in Lviv, Ukraine.