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I was born in April 1983 in Lviv. Lviv is a regional centre of west Ukraine. It has population of 700 thousands citizens. It is situated 80 kilometres from Poland border, in other words 80 km from European Union border.

First I studied in ordinary general education school. But I had desire to develop and to achieve more, then my classmates. When I was 11 years old me and my parents took decision to transfer me to another school. We chose Lviv Academic Gymnasium, the school for talented children. This school is a subdivision of Lviv Politechnic University.

Study in the Gymnasium was much more harder, then in ordinary school. In ordinary school I was an excellent pupil. There was no excellent pupil in the Gymnasium. In the Gymnasium pupils’ knowledge were evaluated very strict, without any preferences.

The home page of my Gymnasium:

In the Gymnasium I noticed that I liked the most computer lessons, mathematics and chemistry. But creating computer programs was the most exciting for me. I composed tiny programs in Turbo Pascal with pleasure. And also created simple web pages.

My Gymnasium was the first school in Lviv connected to Internet. We had two modern for that time computer classes. One had Intel 486 processors with 4 megabytes of RAM. The other had Intel Pentium processors with 8 megabytes of RAM and Windows 95.

It was the beginning of my computer career. I started to buy books about programming and studied software developing on my own, much more then it was required by teachers in the Gymnasium. When I was 16 years old I composed programs in Turbo Assembler, Borland C, Turbo Paskal, Delphi, HTML+JavaScript. Also I studied object orientated programming in C++.

A few more words about my web programming in the Gymnasium. HTML was very simple at that time. Netscape browser loaded pages at 500 bytes per second rate. DOM and Css were at the initial stage of development. There was no Goggle. Yahoo was just a catalogue of sites. But Internet worked, and it worked perfect. And it was the miracle of that time. What a joy it was for me, when simple script, inserted by me into html page, rotated text “+++ Hello, welcome to my home page +++” in browser’s status bar 🙂

Internet technologies grew much since that time, but it was in my presence. All web development knowledge evenly sank in my mind.

After I have left Lviv Academic Gymnasium I entered Lviv Politechnic University. The Department of Electronic Computing Machines.

Web site of our university:

In the university I studied computer technologies more deeply. The specialization of our course was designing of computer chips. And designing of devices, based on computer chips. We studied internal architecture of various RISC and CISC processors. Tools for creating drawing of printed circuit boards. VHDL programming language for Programmable logic devices. C++ and assembler programming languages. And even LISP, the first object orientated language.

I have learned php programming language during second year of study in University. And when I was in the third year, I became a fan of Linux. During seven years I used Linux, as my desktop system. And of course learned how to install and use various network services, such as apache, bind or exim.

From student years I earned additionally, as web developer. And have worked as the web developer for fifteen years since graduation.

I have graduated from the Lviv Politechnic University in 2005 as the bachelor.

There is separate part of this site “Done work”. There I write about projects I have done. Of course it doesn’t contain information about every task I have done. But it has enough information to form your opinion about me, as web programmer.

September 21, 2015
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Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Ihor. I am a web programmer with fifteen years of experience. I work online, as a freelancer. I do projects in English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Live in Lviv, Ukraine.