Search engine optimization

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We all use search sites, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. After we have made a search query we receive first page of results, and links to next pages with results. Sites in search results are sorted according to relevance. The algorithm of this sorting is one of the key features of search engine. Best programmers of the world work on it. If you want to lift your site in search results, you need to make a SEO. SEO in fact means Search Engine Optimization. So how does Search Engine Optimization work...

Mobile version for sites

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Mobile computers, such as smartphones and tablets, got great popularity during last 10 year. Nowadays most people have touch screen phones, and also use them for the internet surfing. But if your website was created several years ago, it probably won’t work on such devices. The reason is they have small screens. Therefore website should be specially adapted to work fine on mobile devices. Such adaptation requires circumstantial remake of website graphical carcass...

Online stores

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I remember those times, when online stores appeared. They seemed like an amusement at that time. Nevertheless, people gradually noticed benefits of online shopping: it is possible to visit many shops and don’t go anywhere, so save time. In online shops the choice is bigger. A buyer can find the lowest prise on the market, and in the same time has guaranties of money back in case of problems with the purchase. Appreciable advantages are also for e-store owners...

Websites creation and customization

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Website creation is quite an interesting occupation. We should light a new star in the boundless sky of the internet. There are so many stars in the sky of the internet, but yours should be special: interesting, original and useful. The first step to achieve that – is thoroughly plan the content of the future website. Usually, websites are created to bring information to people. During content planning we should provisionally split the content in categories and subcategories. The next step...

My Biography

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I was born in April 1983 in Lviv. Lviv is a regional centre of west Ukraine. It has population of 700 thousands citizens. It is situated 80 kilometres from Poland border, in other words 80 km from European Union border. First I studied in ordinary general education school. But I had desire to develop and to achieve more, then my classmates. When I was 11 years old me and my parents took decision to transfer me to another school. We chose Lviv Academic Gymnasium...

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Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Ihor. I am a web programmer with fifteen years of experience. I work online, as a freelancer. I do projects in English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Live in Lviv, Ukraine.