Search engine optimization


We all use search sites, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. After we have made a search query we receive first page of results, and links to next pages with results. Sites in search results are sorted according to relevance. The algorithm of this sorting is one of the key features of search engine. Best programmers of the world work on it.

If you want to lift your site in search results, you need to make a SEO. SEO in fact means Search Engine Optimization.

So how does Search Engine Optimization work? First it is needed to analyse your site. And then to alter it in the way to emphasize the content, based on which you want to get on-search visitors. And make the other content less noticeable for search engines.

Recently search engines also take into account speed of a website. If site loads quicker - it gets higher position in results. So site speed is now one of indexes for SEO.

It is very important to use the only legal methods of SEO. Attempts to cheat the search engine may cause significant fall of the site in the search results. For example in 2006 Google completely removed BMW website from search results. The reason was BMW used cheating redirect pages with keyword clouds. After BMW have removed these cheats their site gradually returned to good positions in search results.

October 23, 2015
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