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I really enjoyed working on this site. This site is about traveling, and I am keen on traveling. The authors collected useful information about trips to almost all countries of the world.

Mobile version was needed for this site, and I was hired to make it. Before I stared the site was absolutely not suitable for mobile devices. The content was simply scaled down on small screens. Fonts were not readable.

The first thing I have done was replacement of four columns content carcases with "Masonry" script. Now columns narrow with beautiful animation, when user constrict browser window. The quantity of columns also decrease with window constrict, and on very small width only one column is shown.

I have added new elements to this website. They are visible when page width is lower 1024 pixels. They were: the mobile menu with countries list, search panel, menu at the bottom of the page and
speed scroll up button. Mobile menu and search panel are toggled with buttons located at the top left and top right corners of the page. I have also programmed font size adjustment depending upon page width, to improve content readability.

The result of my work is beautiful. The employer liked it and me too.

February 13, 2017
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Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Ihor. I am a web programmer with ten years of experience. I work online, as a freelancer. I do projects in English, Ukrainian and Polish languages. Live in Lviv, Ukraine.