Free online server for Opti MozJpeg Guetzli WebP


I have created free online server with encoders for for Opti MozJpeg Guetzli WebP users, that have difficulties with the virtual machine. The free server access parameters:

SSH Server:
SSH Port: 22
SSH Username: z
SSH Password: 55555
Working directory at SSH server: /home/z/wpmjgu

The server has several limitations:

  • Google Guetzli not supported
  • "Intensive resources consumption mode" not supported, only one ssh connection per IP allowed

Normal server performance is approximately 1000 images per hour per IP (every thumbnail is an image). If the server processes images much slower, it is intensively used by the other users. Google Guetzli is not supported in the free server, because it takes too many resources: one Guetzli process may take over 1GB of RAM.

February 14, 2018
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